SciZyme Pit Powder

SciZyme Pit Powder

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Improve Your Environment and Raise Healthier Animals

SciZyme's microbial and enzyme action naturally controls dangerous ammonia vapors, solids build up and unwanted odors in manure pits and flush pans. Safe , Non-Toxic & Proven To Work.

Control Odors and Ammonia in the pits of your farrowing house with SciZyme Pit Powder, our ultra concentrated dry microbial product designed specifically for animal waste pits. For premium odor control just mix a 4 oz pack of SPP in a gallon of water along with a cup of SciZyme Fresh Fix Concentrate (optional)to treat a 1000 gallon pit per week. The strong (yet safe) microbial action of SciZyme will continue to assist with the break-down of organic matter in your septic system or settling ponds. SciZyme is 100% natural and safe for spreading on pastures.

Recommended Instructions

PIT POWDER 500: Perfect Manure Pits and Flush Pans of Farrowing Houses, Chip Barns, Dairy Barns and other water based waste systems.


  • Mix 1 (4 oz) pack of Pit Powder per 1000 gallons of pit water per week.
  • For additional odor control and freshness also add 10 cups of our SciZyme Fresh 500 Concentrated Liquid.
Stop Dangerous Ammonia & Odors

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