SciZyme Concentrate

SciZyme Concentrate

Units Ordered (Mix 10-1 with water)

SciZyme will make a Healthier and more Pleasant Environment for You and Your Animals

SciZyme is a safe and highly concentrated enzyme capable of reducing a wide range of organic odors associated with animal waste. SciZyme's bio-enzyme microbes, when wet, consume the organic waste by speeding up nature's own process with the enzymes that create odorless waste.

SciZyme is easy to use. Just mix with clean tap water and spray.

SciZyme is safe for both people and animals, including small pets.

  • Livestock Auction Facilities
  • Fair Arenas
  • Cool Rooms
  • Cages & Kennels
  • Barns & Stalls
  • Petting Areas
  • Bedding Areas
  • Holding Pens
  • Trucks & Trailers
  • Compost

Recommended Instructions

General directions for stalls cages, holding pens, trucks & trailers, and arenas: Spray liberally on and around the odorous area; concentrate on soiled area caused by urine or manure, including walls & walkways.

  • Horse Stalls: Remove urine saturated bedding daily. Spray SciZyme on and under the surrounding bedding to prevent ammonia build-up.
  • Kennels & Cages: Spray daily after normal cleaning using a pump-up sprayer.
  • Livestock Auctions: Spray walkways, walls and arena bedding to keep facility smelling fresh.
  • Cool Rooms for Show Cattle: Remove urine soaked bedding and manure.

Control ammonia and maintain a healthier environment for your show animals. In a pump-up sprayer, mix 1/2-1 cup of SciZyme Fresh 500 Concentrate per one gallon of water. Spray all bedding daily, concentrating on areas where urine and manure were removed or may have splashed. Also, spray drains and washing areas too. Safe for people and animals.

NOTE: Reduce dosage in 1/2 when using double concentrated Fresh Fix

Works well on all types of bedding including ShowBed, Shaving & Straw, DryTime & Primo.

Stop Dangerous Ammonia & Odors

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