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Ringworm in Sheep

Ringworm is very serious in sheep and the worst time of the year for it is in the summer.

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Ringworm in Cattle

Ringworm is one of the most common skin diseases in cattle. It is not caused by a worm but rather a fungi called Trichophyton verrucosum. They infect the hair follicles and surface of the skin. Exudates ooze from the damaged skin and mix with debris from skin and hair forming a crusty scab. Spores from the scab and hair fall off which can then contaminate other animals and people.

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Esch Cattle Company destroys Ammonia w/ SciZyme

“We have been using SciZyme now for over 5 years to control odor in our cool room. When we first put in our cooler in Colorado, we had nothing but ammonia problems and fought it every day. New cedar fiber was all too often. After discovering your product, we have very few problems with ammonia.

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Mike Harbour uses Ring Out

“The key to ringworm control is based on prevention. We use Ring Out spray prior to going into the ring and immediately when we come out of the ring. This provides us maximum protection by applying a barrier that helps stop the fungal spores from coming into contact with the skin.”

-Mike Harbour

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SciZyme works for small animals too!

“We were very impressed with how SciZyme controlled odors in the arena and below the rabbit and chicken pens.”

-Jim Beale, Rio Grand Valley Livestock Show, Texas

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“We had fought ammonia in our cool room for years. Thanks to SciZyme we now have it under control.”

-David Ridling, 4R Ranch, North Carolina

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“SciZyme is amazing stuff. We recommend it for all the cool rooms we build and maintain to control ammonia.”

-Clendon Gilber, Cool Calf

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Chad Charmasson Approves

“Ring Out has become our go-to product for prevention and treatment of ringworm and fungus. Nothing is more frustrating than spending the money and time to raise a champion caliber animal to then have it contract a fungus from another animal or even from the hands of a judge.

With this being a safe product to use we recommend that all of our showmen spray their animals with Ring Out anytime they see a skin blemish, after shearing, whey they arrive at a show, before and after the show ring, as they leave and a couple times a week at home. Shampooing with Ring Out shampoo also helps deep clean and kill any unwanted pathogens that we don’t want on the animal or to be carried back home”

-Chad Charmasson, Charmasson Club Lambs

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SciZyme Works for Horses

“I LOVE SciZyme! It keeps my paddock that my horses have pounded into the pavement in spots (clay soil) completely fresh!

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“Ammonia and severe odor in my farrowing house has always been a problem, especially being inside the city limits. I added the SciZyme powder to my clean flush pans and was able to almost completely eliminate odor for 5-7 days.

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