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Chick Fresh Spray

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Does your coop stink?

Don't get stuck with a smelly coop again!

Not only will you eliminate the horrible odor, but you will also provide a healthier environment for you and your chickens with just a few sprays a day.

Not only can you use this is your coop, but you can also use this in your cat's litter box, cages, nests, carpets, or furniture.

Instructions for use:

  1. Shake then spray
  2. Mist area until damp (reduces dust too) No need to remove animals while spraying

Coops: Spray daily around coop floor where litter and odors develop. Periodically removing litter will help. Also spray the walls, nests, roosting areas and around their yard, especially around wetter damp areas.

Other animals: Spray generously to floor, cage or pans before bedding is added. Remove urine soaked bedding and manure daily then mist the bedding and walls. Focus on urine soaked areas. Allow a couple of days with good ventilation to work in more difficult or smelly areas.

Ammonia & Odor Control Spray for backyard chicken coops, bedding, litter and more.

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