SciZyme Works for Horses

“I LOVE SciZyme! It keeps my paddock that my horses have pounded into the pavement in spots (clay soil) completely fresh!

My old gelding will urinate on uneaten hay… and poop in just ONE spot. Trust me the ground underneath becomes beyond horrid even in a week’s time between clean outs. He piles it for me so all I have to do is scoop it up into my truck, spray the ground, all around the back, where they eat, along the fence lines, etc., and it has no manure smell. Neither does my compost pile where part of this horse poop goes. NONE. No one knows I have a half ton of the stuff “working” all summer. I spray it and keep it moist and in record time, SciZyme breaks it down to a rich, dark ‘soil’ ready to spread on pasture and lawn and garden every fall. I spray down the entire barn and paddock at least twice a month and no odor…. and way fewer flies!  I sure wish the neighbors would use this!”

– Elizabeth Ross McKee

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