Why use Silt Sock instead of Straw Wattles?

Unlike Silt Sock, straw wattles can be stiffer, light weight, don’t allow water to flow through easily, require trenching and considerable staking for them to hold up on the job site.  Challenges of straw wattles are that they do not conform to the ground like a flexible and heavy Silt Sock.  Straw wattles may work for your site, however, questions you should ask are: 1) Can they hold up to the water flow 2) Is trenching needed 3) Are there rodents, birds and even livestock in the area what like to eat or nest with the straw (destroying it?), 4) Is a useful life of longer than 1-2 months and 3-4 rains required?  If so, Silt Sock might be a better choice.

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